IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 6 Research shows that gender equality has a strong link to a company’s financial performance. In fact, companies with more women in executive roles are 25%more likely to be profitable. *1 Investment in female led startups delivers significantly better returns to investors. *2 Studies also show that female investors are taking the lead in sustainable investment. Research shows that they are less driven by financial incentives, and more so by purpose, willing to accept higher risks or lower return on ESG investments. *3 Venture capital is a huge industry supporting startups and scaleups, fostering innovation and accelerating growth and employment globally. However, faced with a single digit presence of women, this sector needs to change its gender equality game drastically. Even more so as there is a gender-related correlation between who writes the cheque and who receives it. Gender Equality is an increasingly important item on the agendas of multinationals and corporations, of the United Nations, of governmental organisations, and so on; and there is a good reason for this.  *1 McKinsey & Company, May 2020, Diversity wins - How inclusion matters *2 BCG, May 2018, Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet *3 RBS Wealth Management, April 2021, Women are leading the charge for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing in the U.S. amid growing demand for responsible investing solutions WHY IS GENDER EQUALITY IMPORTANT? TWEET TWEET TWEET TWEET