IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 5 The report is divided into six chapters: 01 Gender Balance at VC Funds 02 The VC Ecosystem & Diversity 04 Macro Economics on Gender Equality 03 The Startup Landscape 05 Conclusions 06 Regional & Country Insights Data sources used for this report • data has been used to analyse gender characteristics at a VC funds level. • Data from over 303 European VCs with Assets under Management (AuM)  greater than €25M has been checked and verified to represent local and regional VC gender characteristics. These 303 VCs represent a funds value of over €75 billion. • data has been used to provide more insight on startup founding teams in Europe and the split between all male, all female or mixed teams. This included data from startups launched since 2010, investment data from 2017 onwards. HQ in the European Union and the UK.  • A web survey among 122 VCs in EU & UK, with AuM >€25M, representing funds value in excess of €19 billion. • A series of interviews with experienced general partners in Europe, including both male and female participants. • Data from EIGE has been used to create star rankings for the comparative equality position of each country. You can find the full explanation of the EIGE data on gender equality here .  • Secondary sources have been used to check and verify data.  • You can find a more detailed methodology here WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT