IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 48 THE WAY FORWARD: THE DOWNSIDE — We Need to Step Up 05 Change is happening too slowly. What used to be a boys club needs to be transformed, but there seems to be no real transformation speed. This is the case even though market research shows that mixed teams deliver a higher ROI and diversity is hugely beneficial for the entire technology, startup and venture sector. In fact, it is beneficial right across the economy.  There are major regional differences. Southern countries have a much more traditional approach to the female role. The Baltics and CEE regions need to drastically improve accessibility to money for women and focus on creating role models.  The change from awareness to action is taking too long. LPs in general and VCs, though aware of the issue and its negative effect on business performance, do not proactively set goals to change this structure — neither internally and nor within their ecosystem.   There is a lack of communication of initiatives. Transparency is necessary. For example, certain funds of funds do have diversity targets and implement them in investments. However, these concrete initiatives must become more widespread and need to be clearly and actively communicated  to the market.