IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 67 WESTERN EUROPE Work — 4 stars Money — 4 stars Knowledge — 4 stars Time — 4 stars Power — 4 stars Women in Western Europe have a strong starting position when it comes to gender equality, though each country excels in a different indicator. France excels in Power, Belgium in Knowledge and Money, Ireland in Work, and the Netherlands in Time. GP Balance — Western Europe Firepower Male 87% Female 13% 87% 13% Western Europe has an average number of female GPs, and access to funding is slightly above average (13%). Within the region, Belgium scores higher on the balance of female GPs, but lower on the ability to invest. France scores high on actual access to funding, setting an example with role models for the industry.  Women in France score highly when it comes to power and females in leading positions. This resonates in the VC landscape where, compared to other countries, it has female GPs at larger funds, particularly in the bio-tech/life science space. Ireland has a proactive approach to support its female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. In 2020, an ambitious action plan was set up to stimulate, track, and monitor progress made in female entrepreneurship. Belgium scores above average when it comes to female GPs, but below average when it comes to actual access to funding. Initiatives have been announced, but no concrete goals have been set. The Netherlands performs below average when it comes to both gender balance of GPs and access to funding. Several initiatives are being taken to turn this around. Source: IDC Research European Women in VC; n=303 VCs AuM >€25M, n=822 GP’s