IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 61 NORDICS Work — 4.5 stars Money — 4 stars Knowledge — 4.5 stars Time — 5 stars Power — 4.5 stars Women in the Nordics have the strongest starting position when it comes to gender equality. In most areas, they outperform other regions and countries. Especially when looking at the power position, the Nordics outperform other regions. GP Balance — Nordics Firepower Male 87.5% Female 12.5% 94% 6% The Nordic region has one of the highest levels of female General Partners in nominal terms. Within this region, Sweden & Denmark are best positioned when it comes to the male/female GP balance; Denmark is best positioned at the VC female funding gap. Finland is pushing the numbers down with an exceptionally low number of female general partners. Though Sweden scores high on gender balance for general partners, there is a substantial difference when it comes to the actual ability to invest — or firepower per partner.  Denmark scores highly on gender equality and high on the balance of male and female general partners. Denmark is well on its way with initiatives to address the gender gap in female funding, to create more transparency and set tangible and measurable goals with its Diversity Commitment Initiative, signed by 8 leading VCs. Sweden scores highest on overall gender equality in Europe, with a slight exception for the money domain, where it scores relatively low on economic situation and income distribution. This is reflected in the GP gender balance, though actual access to funding lags. Finland scores highly on overall gender equality in Europe. Only in the knowledge domain it performs less well compared to the region. Despite the good starting position, Finland has not been able to capitalise on this in the VC scene, with only 7% of female GPs. The sector has launched several initiatives to change this.   Source: IDC Research European Women in VC; n=303 VCs AuM >€25M, n=822 GP’s