IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 42 MACRO ECONOMICS — Insights on Work, Money, Knowledge, Time and Power 04 Source: EIGE: Work EU Average Money EU Average Knowledge EU Average UK UK UK Nordics Nordics Nordics Western Europe Western Europe Western Europe Southern Europe Southern Europe Southern Europe Central West Central West Central West Baltics Baltics Baltics CEE CEE CEE 77% 80% 70% 79% 87% 69% 76% 87% 68% 70% 78% 60% 75% 89% 63% 73% 71% 55% 72% 82% 62% The work domain looks at participation and but also at segregation and quality of work and flexibility offered. The money domain looks at financial resources, economic situation, monthly earnings and income distribution. The knowledge domain looks at level of education, but also at segregation and tertiary students in education, health and welfare, humanities and arts. 69% 74% 56%