IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 105 UNITED KINGDOM Diversity from a Funding Perspective • Level 20 is a not-for-profit organisation, set up in 2015, to inspire more women to join and to succeed in the private equity industry. Level 20 has several initiatives running, among them a mentoring program, networking & events as well as international outreach. As such it has chapters in DACH, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, the Nordics and Poland. Level 20 also proactively commissions research, together with local partners. • Female Innovators Lab by Barclays and Anthemis is a venture fund and studio dedicated to investing and cultivating entrepreneurial talent of women across the financial services ecosystem. • British Patient Capital (a subsidiary of British Business Bank) is an example of a VC with a prevalence of women on its board, but also in terms of raising awareness of diversity topics. • Future VC is an internship and development programme to support talented individuals to learn about and work in VC, and in doing so improve the inclusiveness (not only female but also ethnic, LGBT etc.) of the Venture Capital industry. • Female Founder Office Hours (FFOH) is one of the largest office hours initiatives for women founders in Europe. Started by the Playfair Capital team in 2019, FFOH with support of Tech Nation and Google for Startups has already brought together over 1,000 founders for a total of 4,000 mentoring sessions with over 150 investors across six editions (the seventh was scheduled on 26 April 2022) to date. • Alma Angels has all its members actively pledged to invest in female-founded companies. The group is invitation-only, but it is actively looking to develop a new generation of more diverse investors and welcome aspiring and first-time investors. • Kindred, Blossom, Octopus and Redrice are all VCs co-founded by women while other examples where women made it to the partner level include Notion or Dawn, both focused on SaaS and cloud-related areas. Amadeus VC, which has 20 years of experience in technology investments globally, features women as partners and chief executive/co-founders. Diversity from a Startup Perspective • (Co) Female led Unicorns in the UK include Starling Bank (Anne Boden), Darktrace (Poppy Gustaffson), PatSnap (Guan Dian), Zepz (Catherine Wines), Lendable (Victoria van Lennep), FNZ Group (Kate Hyndman), (Chloe Macintosh), Compass Pathways (Ekaterina Malievskaia) and (Martha Fox) • More recent high-performance female led startups are Newcleo, which has received a valuation of about €480M and Synthesia, which focuses on AI technology. • Karma Kitchen, Orchard Therapeutics, Tide and Zapp are among those that received approx €460M of funding since 2015.