IDC European Woman in Venture Capital

EUROPEAN WOMEN IN VC IDC #EUR148997722 © IDC 2022 10 GENDER EQUALITY AT VC FUNDS — The Gender Gap in European Venture Capital Remains Significant 01 Founding partners, managing partners or general partners (GPs) are typically the owners of the management company of a VC firm and make the final investment decisions together as/with the investment committee. In Europe, this group is particularly dominated by men. At least 85% is male, compared to 15% female . Regional differences are substantial . The West performs best with 81% Male GPs and 19% Female GPs. Regions that perform above average are the West and the Nordics. In these regions, Sweden and France in particular perform above average and have a positive impact on the overall gender balance. Regions that score below average include Central West, CEE, and the Baltics. When looking at gender equality in the countries, Sweden scores high on the macro economic indicators (power, education, money, knowledge and work). France scores high in the area of power, which implies that having role models has a positive impact on gender balance in the financial and VC community. Gender Balance of Europe 85% Male GPs 15% Female GPs Source: IDC Research European Women in VC; n=303 VCs AuM >€25M, n=822 GP’s Source: IDC Websurvey European Women in VC; n=122 VCs AuM >€25M